Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Simple Writing Workshop Tip

BECAUSE is a magic word in Writing Workshop.  Only 3 weeks into Writing Workshop and my First Graders are already adding so many details to their stories with just this simple word.


It's such a special word to us that we often sing it (Hold bent arms out low...deep voice...BEEEEEEEEE (straighten arms and lift to sky) high pitched voice...CAUSSSSSSSEEEEE!"

You get the idea!  When they share their stories, you hear this singing and it's the cutest thing ever!  They sing.  I gush at their amazing details.  We're a happy bunch!

I also have them highlight the word because it motivates them to actually use the word.  (She didn't yet highlight in pic.)  Side Note:  What exactly is the fascination with Firsties and highlighters?)

A small tip. But a good one, that is so easy (and fun!) to implement.

Next week, I add a magic phrase...can you guess what it is?  I bet you can!

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Have a great day!

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