Monday, August 19, 2019

Who Has the Honey? (MM Activity/Game)

My principal at my old school showed me this game about 20 years ago.  My kids loved it then and they love it now.  It's a short and fun morning meeting activity that produces lots of giggles.  I usually play 3-5 rounds at the meeting.

Who Has the Honey?

1. Everyone sits in a circle except one child who is the Honeybee.

2. Honeybee closes eyes while you give one child a jar of honey to hide behind back.  (I have modified this to a laminated picture of a honey jar that child sits on to hide.)

3. Once hidden, the honeybee turns around while the rest of circle chants:

Busy Bee, Busy Bee, where's your honey?
Someone took it and that's not funny!
Listen to the buzz, the buzz of bees!
Find the honey and we'll feel sunny!

Everyone EXCEPT the child with the honey, starts buzzing really loud like a bee.  The honey holder PRETENDS to make the buzzing bee sound but is silent.

The honeybee goes around listening to each child and identifies the child who isn't buzzing.  Then that child becomes the honeybee.

Grab these certificates (and the honey picture if you don't want to hide a sticky jar) if you feel it would help generate conversation at home.


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