Tuesday, August 6, 2019

BTS Sale! (Freebies!)

I know a lot of you are heading back to school this month...I feel like my vacation just started!  (I have about 3.5 weeks left!)  Hopefully, some of these freebies will help you out!  I can't live without my poems for The Daily Five, Choral Reading, Fluency Practice, Buddy Reading, and Poetry Binders. WHEW!  (The bundle will be on sale this week but these September themed ones are a great way to start off!)  


 My must for every first day of school: Magic Play-Doh!  If you've never done it, give it a try!  The kids always say it's one of their favorite memories.

I love Make-A-Word activities and they really come in handy for Daily 5 and to see who is APPLYING the sound/letter combinations we've learned.  This Sept/Oct. packet is yours for free!  And who can't use more story problems?  But these are SIMPLE ones!  Enjoy!

FREEBIE: Word Wizard (September/October)  First Step Story Problems: Addition to 10 FREEBIE! (Farm Theme)
Hip Strips are new and this Freebie is great for September if in K/1.  I am SO EXCITED about this fun and unique product that I just created. 
Battle of the Vowels is used for an activity during Morning Meeting.  Would be a great Grade 2 activity to start off year with for a review.
Hip Strips!  (MATH FREEBIE) Who Knew Sentence Strips Could Be So Cool? Battle of the Vowels

Recording Sheets for Apps: FREEBIE! 
 FREEBIE: Squiggle Writing Sample: Drawing + Writing = Creativity

One of my favorite books on tolerance.  If you haven't read The Sandwich Swap, put it on your list.  LOVE IT!  (YouTube Readings as well!)

Book It: Retell It, Write It, Make It! (The Sandwich Swap)

Here are some calendar pieces you can use in math center as well.

Pirate Duckies Theme Calendar Set: English and Spanish included!
And although not free, here are a few new products that could make your life easier. 
They are on sale today and tomorrow August 6-7 in my TpT store!

Hip Strips!  (MATH) Who Knew Sentence Strips Could Be So Cool? Hip Strips!  (ELA) Who Knew Sentence Strips Could Be So Cool?
 And the BUNDLE which, during the sale, is a crazy good deal!

BUNDLED Tic-Tac-Show What You Know Reading Workshop Editable Program

(This is my product that I'm most proud of!  If you aren't happy with your management of 
your Reading Workshop or need to structure it differently, you may want to check this out.  There are TWO versions but this has everything for a $66 savings!

Practice Makes Perfect: Friends of Ten
My Friends of Ten is brand new.  Check out full preview!
Classroom Helpers: Cool Cats
I've never been one to have had an effective Job Board because I forgot to change jobs.
This system is super easy and everyone is happy!  Read about it here!
Picture Book Favorites: After the Fall, Creepy Pair of Underwear, Mother Bruce
Three of my favorites all in one place!  Have you read them all?  If not, please check them out at
the library today!  You can thank me later!
Bundled Open-Ended Math Questions for Journals or Do-Nows (First/Second Grade)
And my most popular product can be read by clicking pic above.  Honestly, the sale is a perfect time to purchase this.  Be sure to look at the feedback! 
Have a GREAT school year!

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