Thursday, July 25, 2019

Friends of Ten (Freebie, too!)

TEN is such an important benchmark number!  I love teaching Friends of Ten / Combinations of 10 because it really is a necessary skill to master that leads to soooo many other skills.  This year, my colleague and I really made sure our kids knew the combinations inside and out.  We reviewed it way more than usual and of course that helped solidify mastery.

Our kids really had an easier time counting larger numbers/3 addends and were quite good and looking for combinations of ten and then adding on.  They also seemed to grasp that if they knew 4+6 was 10 then 4+7 was 11 much faster.  I make such a big deal out of the number 10 that one of my kids bowed to it when it was written on the board!

I love these two activities.  The crown was reworked a few times because when I had to fit it to their tiny heads, some combinations were covered.  Now, they are smaller and fit fine and dandy.  My second activity is a display with ten frames and uses the turn-around facts, too.  I use sentence strips for both and when I hand the ten frame Friends of Ten up, it makes a good visual and fun display.

I just posted it to my store.

If you think you'd like to use the poem with your kids, click on the picture.  It's free for my Blog Readers.  Enjoy!

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