Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Freebie Alert!

I have a new product that I'm excited about!  

It solved a few problems for me: What to do with my overflowing sentence strips and how to display projects in my teeny tiny room?  (And a quick project is best, yes?) So I came up with Hip Strips!  A fun way to review math and display it.  They fit anywhere and really brighten my room up super quick.  Great for Math with Self for Daily 3 and Do-Nows, too.  Honestly, I just feel sunnier when I see them!

I'm making a Language Arts packet for First Grade and a combo math/language arts K one too.  They'll be up by next Friday.  BUT- I wanted to give a freebie away now so I picked one that could be used in K and 1 now.  Grab it if you want it!

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