Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No Name-Calling Week Activity

I've seen similar activities but never with an apple...

Not sure where activity came from but I got it (and two apples) from my Guidance Counselor, Alice.  (Who rocks, by the way!)

It's a great activity for No Name-Calling Week, discussions about bullying/upstanders, and almost any conversation regarding Character Education ESPECIALLY when you want to drive home the point that saying sorry doesn't make everything better.

What I did:

I asked kids to tell me the differences between the apples.  Since they were so identical looking, kids replied that they looked the same.  I agreed.

Then we passed around one apple and each one of us gave it a compliment. (You are so juicy and red.  You would be delicious in an apple pie, etc.)

Then I passed around the second apple and each one of us insulted it and said nasty comments to it. (You look like a baby apple.  Goo-goo-ga-ga,  I bet you taste sour and kids would spit you out, etc.)

When the apple got back to my hands, I said I felt awful that I called it an ugly little apple and teased it.  I apologized.  We passed it around again and each student said they were sorry.

When back in my hands once again, I asked, "Did we make everything better?  Do you think this apple forgives us?"

My little ones all assured me the apple would forgive and forget. I acted relieved.

Then I cut the first apple and examined the insides:  I marveled over how perfect it looked inside.

Then we cut the second apple open to a completely BRUISED apple.


Great discussion followed!  Truly eye-opening.  The hurt/hate of words do scar and bruise us.

A perfect week to try it yourself!

Don't forget to secretly squeeze/bruise apple 2 before showing to kids but be careful it still looks like the other apple on the outside.

Here's to thought-provoking discussions with our kids!

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