Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Book Checkout in Classroom

As an author of over 100 books, a former school media specialist and a current First Grade teacher, I can honestly say I adore books!  If interested, read an older post about my classroom library and see how I keep it organized and fresh.

Do you allow kids to check out your personal books?  If you read the older post linked above, you'll know my feelings on the subject!

Here's what I use for checkout.  Feel free to grab if you want.  Nothing fancy! Click HERE!

This year, I have 4 binders with five students in each one.  Each child has his/her own page so I can easily keep track of the data I need.  While most kids take books home not all do and that's fine. For those that do, this helps me show parents to look for lost book, nudge kids to try new genre or book series after the 10th Who Would Win book, etc.  Having child's sheet in front of me helps!)

And if a book doesn't fit it a gallon-sized baggie, it can't go home.   Hey, I have to put some protections in...I've lost a few to leaky water bottles!  (Last year, I did have a child show up one day with a HUGE sweater type bag that zipped.  He wanted Creepy Pair of Underwear.  Did I let him take it out?


Books are always better off at their homes overnight than on my shelves!  


  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I do let my 3rd graders borrow the books that I purchased myself, though most of them don't take me up on the offer. I usually just jot down on a sheet of paper what they borrowed. (Then I usually misplace the paper!) I couldn't tell you how many of my books are currently out of the room!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I ALWAYS misplaced the paper! Always! Now with this system, no more problems. Another benefit: I get to see what they're taking/gravitating toward and can help steer them in other directions. For example: one student takes nothing but Piggy and Elephant books. He is a Level M reader. Now I encourage him to take out other genres, too. (In this case, I let him take TWO books...I give him his Mo books but then have him take a Just-Tight book.)


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