Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Great STEM Freebie I Found on TpT

STEM to STEAM Trio has this Freebie up in their store:

STEAM Challenge: Creating the Longest Chain

Honestly, my class LOVED it!  Kudos to STEM to STEAM Trio (who I don't know!) for designing such a great product that is SIMPLE and offers so many learning opportunities!  My kids (Firsties!) worked so well together and I documented the groups if you want to check out my Twitter posts to see them in action. I thought it would be fun to give the parents an insight to their child's group dynamics/thinking.  (NOTE: the link to Twitter is the first post...I had 14 posts/pictures...)

Here are the end tallies of the length of our links:

I'm off to check out some of their other products! Have a good night and...

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  1. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for the shout out! I love your blog! I am happy to see that you are now selling clip art too! Writing books as well...you are very talented! I have an idea and a character for a book or series of books. I have no idea where to start! Perhaps we can talk sometime!


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