Monday, July 25, 2016

Sportscaster Camp (My son's very cool experience!)

Fun Happenings Around here last week!  John and I have wanted to send Matthew to the The Ian Eagle/Bruce Beck Sportscaster Camp at the ***Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, NJ for a few years. Both Ian and Bruce are the go-to sports guys having won a zillion awards between them. A lot of their "campers" have moved on to TV/Radio Jobs.  A great opportunity.  Right after camp, Bruce was headed over to Rio to cover his 7th Olympics for NBC.  Can you imagine?

Matthew is all about 24/7sports and, as he approaches college application time, he knows for sure he wants a career in SOME type of sports reporting.  Lucky for us, we live within easy driving distance to Montclair State University (Where the Yogi Berra Museum is located) and he was able to go. Finally!

He loved it!  Most importantly, he's decided he'd like to puruse radio/sports social media rather then the TV side.  THIS IS HUGE!  Nice to know he's zeroing in a bit.  Of course I know it could change and on-air reporting could be in his future.  (He is a TV "pro" having auditioned for/getting a wee part in a David Letterman Skit a few years back!  He played a Boy Scout. He doesn't speak a word but that's besides the point! :)


See him in action! 

But I digress...

One take-away that he got from camp seems so simple but is a great nugget of wisdon: Say YES to everything that comes your way.  They had about a dozen well-known speakers come in during camp and he swears each one said something to that effect.  Be it calling play by play for a high school team or a a preschool baby crawling event, JUST SAY YES!  You never know where it will lead.

The highlight for him?  A Behind-the Scenes Look at Met Life Stadium (Press box amazing!) which is home to the Giants (his favorite team!) as well as their training center.  Seriously, a dream come true for him.  He got to look at their new museum and I'm sure his heart skipped a beat seeing these babies:

The Super Bowl Lombardi Trophies!!!

Hall of Famers...without looking at this player's name, I'm sure you reconized him!

Matthew with Jeff Feagles!

He got lots of cool pics especially of the players' (full) lockers at their training center but he didn't feel right posting pics of them because some of the guys had some pretty personal stuff in the lockers. (Framed pics/letters from families, etc.).  The week was a success!

On a fun fact note from long ago...

***My husband grew up not too far from Yogi Berra's house.  He and his friends would often ride their bikes the five miles to his house and Yogi and his wife (most his wife!) ALWAYS brought them out bottles of Yoo-Hoo! Although John has never been a Yankees fan, he's always had a soft spot for Yogi!  

Have a great day!

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