Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hate to Iron? Problem Solved! (MIRACLE PRODUCT!)

Am I the last person on Earth to have heard about this AMAZING product?  Seriously?

I was down the shore for July 4th and needed to iron my son's shirt.  It was one of those shirts that is like linen (but not) and is a wrinkled mess even straight out of the dryer. 

If it were up to me, I'd give the shirt away because it's truly a mess of a shirt but he bought it with his own money so...it stays.

Even the iron couldn't tame those darn wrinkles.  

After five minutes, I added water to the iron and RUST comes out of the holes onto the shirt!  

The only collared shirt for the restaurant.  I had to scrub the line of rust out and then attempt to re-iron again but with a towel placed between the iron and shirt to save from yet another rusty stain.  

Hey, I was desperate  Then my sister gets Downy Wrinkle Releaser out of a cabinet and a few sprays and tugs later, DONE!  

I was


It took less than a minute!


How to use?

Spray on clothes while on hanger, pull taut, and the wrinkles simply vanish! My sister said she has used it for years and it's never hurt her clothes.

I'm heading to Target tonight to get my own bottle and making sure I show Matthew how to use it next time he needs that shirt ironed!  :)

Here's hoping you have an iron-free day!

***Check out previous post to see my Deal of the Week!  
Only two more days! Don't want you to miss out!***

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