Monday, February 15, 2016

The Very First Squiggle Writer May Surprise You...(And Free Squiggles!)

I love, love, love Squiggle Writing with my kids!  Honestly, it always amazes me to see how differently each child in my class interprets the same squiggle. Let me introduce you to the very first Squiggle Writer:  Mr. Squiggle!

Yep!  A marionette from Australia!  Love his pencil nose!

My neighbor filled me in on the TV show that ran for FORTY years after she saw one of my daughter's squiggle writing assignments ten years ago.  Who knew?  Read more about it here.   I did see a clip once on YouTube and if you Google it, I bet you could see Mr. Squiggle in action!

Here are some of my students' squiggles:  (Lots of different ability levels and ELL represented!  I snapped pics even before they self-edited.)

I've been making Squiggles for a while now and have used them for Do-Nows, Morning Work, Homework, Fast Finishers, and in Writing Centers.  Kids love them!  I think they often surprise themselves what comes out of their crayons and pencils!  Mr. Squiggle would be proud!  Grab a few freebies by clicking below.


Or if interested in the full product:

I finally collected all of my pages and posted this product on TpT. (Both handwriting lines included!) Grab it if you're looking for a fun way to get you kids' creative juices flowing!  Makes an adorable quick display, too.  (Posters/Optional Book Cover included as well.)

Stay warm....cold and snowy here in NJ!

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