Saturday, February 20, 2016

Creating a "Zen Den" at School

One of our School Goals this year is Health and Wellness for students and teachers.  We've increased Brain Breaks, have Yoga at lunch for the kids on rainy days, have quick meetings while walking around the gym, etc. But my favorite move toward achieving this goal for the teachers?  The Zen Den!  It's a very small room (storage!) that's been transformed to a quiet, peaceful, reflective escape.

When you walk through the door, you're greeted by the soft sounds of some "spa" music from an iPod, a few dozen quotes and Power Words on the walls, a lovely Essential Oil Lavender aroma in a soft-lit room (lamps were brought in) and the sound of trickling water.  I had to put my flash on for these pics.  Quiet and peaceful.  A welcome change!


For our kickoff, we had three days of fruit/cucumber infused water, hummus and pita chips, veggies and some other healthy snacks.

Lotions, books, and a file folder full of quotes/words for us to take back to our classrooms... Candles are battery operated and truly added to the peaceful feeling.

I love these coloring pages and can understand why they are so popular at the moment.  I started this one day and someone continued working on it the next..,

We had comfy chairs around our table and off to the side was the massage chair. On Friday, teachers were treated to a visit from a massage therapist!  This was supposed to be a three day event but we are working on making it a permanent fixture in our school.  I visited during lunch all three days and during a few prep periods and truly felt refreshed.  I hope our Zen Den is here to stay!


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