Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Sunday Scoop! (And a VERY cool history fact!)

Thanks to Teaching Trio, I'm sharing my Sunday Scoop today:

Do you send a letter to your kids to introduce yourself?  When I first started, it was via mail and I included a pencil.  My district paid for it.  Then, we were told email only.  Cheaper.  So, I've been doing that ever since.  

No pencil of course but it does save money.  I have the pencil waiting for them on their desk when they arrive.  I actually send the parents one letter and then email again and write "For My Fabo First Grader" in the subject line so the child can still feel the excitement of getting their own letter.  My kids used to LOVE getting their letters from their teachers. Now, it's all about their schedules!  Gotta know when lunch is and who's in your lunch period, right?

I've had this freebie in my store forever and a complete set of these are LONG overdue.  After today, it will FINALLY be in my store!  I've added a number line to the bottom and included subtraction.  My kids love to use highlighters so I think these will be a hit!

My walking has almost come to a screeching halt this summer.  Why???  I have no answer!  Most people can walk 10,000 steps to reach five miles.  Me?  Nope. I'm short so I need 13,500 steps before the five miles register.  From March-June, I walked almost 5 miles a day.  Often 7 miles.  I lost 12 pounds!  I'm annoyed and disappointed with myself that I slacked off.  Sigh.
Also added this to John's Store:

Interesting Fact: See the picture of Bell holding "something" over "someone" in bed? That "something" is a metal detector (which he created) and that "someone" is President Garfield who was shot. Bell was called upon in an attempt to help save the life of the mortally wounded President using his early version of a metal detector. Surely he could find the slug of an assassin's bullet with his new invention. But to his dismay, the bed Garfield was on was metal so Bell couldn't get an accurate read. He urged doctors to move him out of that bed so he could properly use- and locate- the slug. The doctors refused. Because of their refusal, Garfield died. Many believe if the slug had been found and removed, he would have survived. So now you know!!!

John and Matthew are going to see the Mets play today.  Sarah and I are going shopping...she leaves for Syracuse University in just nine days.  Sniff, sniff. Much to do!!

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Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love obscure little history facts like that, Lisa ... thanks for sharing! Have fun shopping with Sarah today. Maybe you should walk the perimeter of every store twice before you let yourself shop. :) I've been known to do that in Home Depot while my husband loses himself in the hardware aisle! Easy way to get lots of steps!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

  2. John is the history guru. Thanks to him and the clip art, I've been able to answer TWO final Jeopardy questions in the last month that were history related. Woo hoo!

    Walking the perimeter of every store twice is such a great idea!!!! Thanks for the tip!! My body thanks you too!!

  3. Oh, college shopping…my girls are not far from that day. Have fun and happy shopping!

  4. I love the history mini lesson! So interesting!! Wishing our daughter the best at college! I can't imagine what it will be like, I cried after taking my son to his first day of kinder last year!
    Sandra from luckynlambie

  5. It seems like yesterday that my kids were entering kindergarten. Really! It goes by way to fast!!

  6. Interesting fact! My walking, too, has diminished over the summer.


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