Sunday, August 23, 2015

Here's My Sunday Scoop! (And a FABO Smore's Idea!!!)

Hey there!!  Crazy busy around here but Teaching Trio's linkup helps keeps me organized!

First off, I want to congratulate Matthew for making the soccer team!  Here's a Junior this year in HS and if you have a high schooler, you know how intense tryouts can be especially if you live in a HUGE school district!  Although only officially a week-long, he's had "voluntary" practice five days a week since school ended.  We were confident he'd make the team again but he wasn't so sure with 50 cuts being made.  Gulp.  How confident were we?  When we left to pick him up from the last day of tryouts,  we hung up this sign so he'd see it as soon as he walked inside.

Buying a baby gift is always exciting!  Kaylee is about a month old and we get to meet her today for the first time.  A blessing for sure!

If you don't already know,  I write children's books.  I LOVE it obviously and am so lucky that I have an editor who supports me and a great company to work for so often (ABDO!) but it's stressful when my deadlines fall within the first few months of school.  I am writing a new series but still have to outline and submit the official proposal.  Deadlines for the chapter books:  October-January. One book a month!  DOUBLE GULP!  Educational publishing is ALWAYS that fast!!!  

Now...S'MORES!  Want to see a cute idea that was sort of Pinterest inspired?  I made this portable S'mores "stove."

I actually made five of them for Sarah's grad party this year.  A huge hit!  I lined them up and the kids were able to make lots of "Gourmet S'mores while they watched High School Musical on an outside Movie Screen. To make, get a tin bucket, fill half way with sand, put tinfoil over the sand (just so the rocks and glass pieces don't fall down in the sand, fill with rocks and glass pieces (from Dollar Tree) and get plop a can of chafing dish fuel in the middle.  I wish I had a pic showing the entire "smore's bar" from her party but I don't.  I found the menu online (and will edit to link to it when I find it again!) and put all the ingredients out in a fancy layout.  Looked amazing and kids really tried all of them!!  We are using them tonight.  Yum!  (You can't really see the glass rocks in there but they looked great when lit up.)

The countdown is on...Sarah leaves in just three days.  Wednesday is  fast approaching and I keep seeing us at the dorms saying goodbye.  I don't think my husband and I can do it.  I really don't.

Here she is with her boyfriend last week on her 18th birthday.  Sigh.

I want to end reminding everyone to get their yearly  mammogram!  My friend never missed an appointment and I believe her diligence saved her life.  Monday night we will be celebrating the end of her treatments.  

What are you up to?  Link up and let us know!!

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Blessings to your friend! You have a lot of exciting stuff going on. Daughter to college. Son made the soccer team! New book series! Have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. That's so awesome that you're an author! On the bucket list for me.

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