Thursday, July 2, 2015

Refocusing on Handwriting

This year, I didn't do such a great job of supporting a few of my students who struggled with handwriting.  I'm usually pretty good starting handwriting out of the gate and keeping up with instruction.  For some reason, I felt I had "bigger fish to fry" this year and didn't spend nearly enough time as I should have on teaching correct letter formation.  I had about 4 kids who really struggled with their fine motor skills.  

My kids are such phenomenal writers but if no one can read your work and you can't share it because it's difficult for the child to read what he's written, writing workshop becomes...not so much fun. 

This summer, I've been looking for great blog posts and information on launching handwriting in the classroom.  We currently use a Zaner-Bloser program.  Eh. I've heard wonderful feedback from friends who use Handwriting Without Tears.  So, while I'm not looking at program delivery, I'm committed to finding best practices no matter what program is used.

The first post I want to share (thanks to Pinterest!) is Ten Tips All Teachers Need to Know When Teaching Handwriting:  

My takeaway: #6.  I used to sing all those little songs to give my learners auditory support. I need to get back to that.  If I need to make up a little song to fit the needs of the writer, I will.  There are other good tips, too.  Of course you'll know most of them but a reminder can't hurt!

Then there is this pin, Teaching Handwriting in Lower Grades,  that I noticed:

It was a guest post on Rachel Lynette's blog from Amy at Cahill's Creations.  My takeaway? Her hands-on activities (I'm going to create a handwriting bin with activities she lists and USE IT!) and how she immediately highlights the kids at the beginning of the year who need extra support and it!  :)  

Handwriting is hard to fit in but I'm recommitting myself this year.  If you have any tips or advice you'd like to share, please do!!

Have a great day!! 

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