Friday, July 17, 2015

Problem Solved: Tweaking Desktop Supplies Caddy

For as long as I can remember, I've had four desks/students share supplies in these:

But it's time for a change!  Not a huge change but one that makes sense to me.  Over the past two years, I was thinking of changing this up.  Why?  Four kids sharing one caddy was too much.   Kids were quick to blame the other partners if something was missing/broken.  I squashed the bickering but lately, oh, my.  Four kids bickering over the sharpest pencil?  Um, no.  Plus, they took up a little too much room and often covered their desktags. If someone wanted a supply on the far side, they often had to stand to get it.  Not everything was quite as accessible as I had planned.  It was simply bulky, too.  Are these major problems? Nope.  But ones that needed a quick fix for me.

One of my long tables had two extra desks.  (So 10 instead of 8)  I didn't want this big caddy for two kids so I switched to one of these...

LOVE!  This year, only two kids will share supplies.  MUCH easier on all levels.  I love how they fit perfectly BETWEEN their desktags  Added bonus?  It blocks partner's work across from you so if assessing, that does the trick of having to separate desks, use folders or whatever you do.  Fitting to glue sticks, pencils, scissors, etc,, is easy.  Perfect for what I fill them with.  Neater, too.

I was ready to make the change last year BUT I could not find black, red or yellow (my theme for the most part) and I hated the look of the white ones that I always seemed to see in abundance. The ones above were way too expensive from Really Good Stuff and I couldn't buy just one color anyway.  

I scoured every dollar store for the past year with no luck...until LAST NIGHT at The Dollar Tree. They had red!  And dark blue! And turquoise and orange and lime green!  And...drumroll please.....FOUR for $1. Can't beat that!!!! 

I know it's a little change but sometimes (often!) it's the little things that make the biggest impact!  

Another bonus?  When we are working on some projects, these are so small, they can stay put.  We often had to remove the big ones to make room.

I'll update when I get back to school and put them in action.

Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE Dollar Tree as much as me??  

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