Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pretty Fabo "Newish" Yearbook Company

UPDATE (2020) I LOVE THIS COMPANY!  If looking for a compay, check them out.

Newish to me, at least! This year, I'm Co-Editor of the yearbook.  Last year, I worked a little bit on our K-5 yearbook just to get my feet wet knowing I was going to be co-chairing this year.  (I didn't exactly want to work on the yearbook but sometimes you have to step up to the plate, you know?)

Last year, I honestly have no idea what company we used BUT I do know this:  It was TERRIBLE. Truly antiquated.  I honestly think it must have been the very first yearbook company out there.  Any picture that was used had to be "locked" down on all four corners.  And if you wanted to MOVE it? Well, unlock and lock again.  That goes for the frame too.  You know how may times you want to move things around?  It was a nightmare.  Not many templates, choices, etc.

This year, my co-editor, who was also brand new, wanted to look for a new "modern" company. Lucky for us, a PTO mom directed us toward TreeRing.  So Far, LOVE.  A lot!

(No, I do not gain free books or anything for mentioning them!)

Each yearbook is made from 100% recycled paper.  For each one sold, a tree is planted, and ALL sales are online.  Last year we lost $1.000 on unsold books.  This year?  Not possible.  They only make what's been ordered.  But the best part?  Each child who buys one (at the same price we charged last year) gets to personalize TWO pages!  So everyone's yearbook is 70 pages of the same, material and then TWO personalized pages with as many pics as you want. How cool is that?  You can upload straight from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. For families that want MORE than the two personalized pages?  They can pay more and get them.  So, you and your family really can be the star of the yearbook!  Isn't this genius?  My kids would have LOVED this option and certainly enjoyed designing their pages.

So far, it's been so easy to put together.  I mean "point and click" put together and the product SEEMS like it will be beautiful. (The sample book we saw was awesome.  Very professional looking.)  Like I said, I only got my feet wet last year but what I did ( few pages at most!) took me LONGER than to do half a book this year!  Really!  If you are looking for a new company or are intriqued...take a look at their site.  Our deadline isn't too far off.  So far, our sales are off from last year with the ONLINE orders only bit BUT we are hoping people are just waiting until spring break to sit down and order.  I'll update!  (And for the record, you do not have to add the personalized pages.  Can just purchase the yearbook.)

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