Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here's My Sunday Scoop! (And Yummy Soup Recipe!)

Thanks to Teaching Trio, I'm sharing my Sunday Scoop today:

Booking a hotel room is a must!  Sarah's accepted student day To Syracuse University is in April.  She gets to participate in "Own the Dome" and stay in the Carrier Dome overnight.  

How cool is that?  John and I hope to book the Sheraton on the campus.  Fingers crossed! NOTE: I've ALWAYS pictured Sarah at a much smaller campus...not one with a hotel on it and a 55,000 Sports Arena ON campus.  Hmmm...should be interesting!

Want an easy and amazing soup recipe?  Got it years ago from Better Homes and Gardens. It was their "Recipe of the Year." It is a "throw together" soup but everyone loves it.  I don't have exact measurements anymore, but trust me,  you can't mess it up:  

Tortellini Soup

1. Put two "boxes" of Chicken Stock into a pot.
2. Add two jars of Ragu Alfredo Sauce.
3. Pull all the meat off of a Rotisserie Chicken and add 4. Cook a bag and a half of tortellini (tri-colored)  
5. I put in a small jar of chopped up sun-dried tomatoes.  The recipe said NOT in oil but I use the ones in oil for sure.  Drain most of the oil.
6. After simmering for a short time, I put at least a cup of Parmesan cheese in and stir.  
7. Before serving, you can put in fresh spinach leaves.  (I usually don't.)

Really good.  Last for days.  YUM!

Quick Question:  Am I the only one who has lost 3,632 umbrellas in my lifetime? UGH! 

Okay- gotta go!  Matthew's first game starts at 8.  Thank goodness for turf after 5 more inches of snow on Friday.  Boo to snow.  Yea to soccer!

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Have a great day!

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