Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Emergent Readers

While I have lots of emergent reader books in my classroom, I only have a few children who must have the predictability of the text at this time of the year.  Because I only have a couple of kids, I get to send home lots of the readers in their reading bags that the kids can reread/practice at home.  Some of my teacher friends are afraid the books will disappear into a black hole.  But honestly, they all come back.  Even if one or two went missing, I feel it's just the price you pay to get those kids on the road to fluency and mastering sight words.

Is your school allowed to send home your readers?  Until recently, I thought all schools were given the green light.  Nope.  Not so. My sister is forbidden to.  She teaches Kindergarten and to send home emergent readers for all of her students, I suppose, could be risky.  Too much potential loss?  Me?  I just have one or two kids this time of year. But her students are all at the emergent reader level.

So, that's why I started writing them...she needs them!  Grab your freebie in my prior post.  The latest two she requested are Hanukkah and Christmas readers.  I LOVE the art I found for the Gingerbread Book.  Too edgy for her little ones?  Not sure but I know my two firsties will get a good laugh.
These smart cookies beg you to eat long as it isn't them!
I print two to a page to save paper.
Have a happy day!

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