Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Freebie Emergent Reader (Dinosaurs with Color Words)

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? This FREEBIE Emergent Reader is perfect to practice reading predictable texts and highlights the Sight Word MY. Also features color words. It's a great choice for repeated readings at home and school which will help build fluency in your youngest readers.

There are TWO versions of this book which allows for differentiation.

Select the one that best meets your students' needs OR mix and match the pages. The last FOUR pages in this book can either be included in the book or used after the book is completed/read. The “Write 3 Ways” refers to 1. Rainbow Writing the word (I ask them to say word, trace over with one color crayon and repeat the word. Then do whole process two more times using an alternate color each time.) 2. Use your finger to write the word in the palm of your hand or a friends’ hand, and 3. Use a dauber to stamp out the word on paper. Can use the large MY I’ve included.)

Click cover to grab!

I love that they can take them home and practice fluency. No more worrying about having books returned on Mondays. They keep these! My Dinosaur is super cute so download and share with your students! Enjoy!

Here is a set of Math Emergent Readers...

On another note, John just added The Underground Railroad Clip Art to his clip art store. Love it!  He's such a history buff that I'm never surprised to find out he's working on "another history set" for his store.

Have a great day!

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