Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Vacation Starts with a Clever Joke!

My last day was yesterday!  Yea!  Some of you have been out for a LONNNGGGGGGG  time... Not that I've been jealous or anything!

My husband's last day is today! The last few days are always a bit tough, aren't they?

My sweet little student,  Olivia, told me she made up this joke.  Honestly, if she did, GENIUS!  I heart it!  Your kiddos will. too!

Drumroll  please...

It was Snow White's birthday.  Mulan gave her an iPad and an iPod.  Snow White fainted. Cinderella said, "Mulan, you know she can't have apple products!"

Cute, no?  Just like Olivia!! 

In honor of Olivia, feel free to download my apple clipart freebie! 


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