Thursday, June 28, 2012

Student Letters and Make-a-Word

Even though I haven't been out of school a week yet, I've already received a few emails from two of my sweeties.

One wrote:

I did it! I got my library card! You were right! I do feel smarter! Then she listed the books she checked out. Most were sequels of books we read in class.

How adorable is that!?  She had been using her Dad's card but I explained to the class that they were old enough to get one and "feel the power" themselves.

The second email came today:

"I lost my tooth but the tooth fairy didn't come.  I am mad.  I have nothing to do. I can't find my Tooth Fairy Make-A Word.  I made 1,000 words in school. My mouth hurts so I might get ice cream tonight.  I miss you.

Poor kid!  No cash from the Tooth Fairy and bored with nothing to do!  (At least imagination is working...1000 words? Oh, my!)

I sent three make-a-words to him and then decided to send them to all my other cuties for a little summer fun! (My class LOVED these and got so good at them! Check out my Free September/October pack!

Why do I love these?

Word Wizard “Make-a-Words” are effective spelling activities to reinforce sound/letter combinations. With September and October themes, these printable worksheets will help your students practice and improve their phonetic skills. These worksheets can be used for literacy center time or independent practice.

Introducing Make-a-Word activities to my class has been a gamechanger for my students. In the beginning, we make words together. I use Magnetic Letters on the board and we manipulate them into words AFTER noticing the letters in the word: the digraphs, vowels, the “s” for plurals, etc. I always remind them that each word MUST have a vowel.

After some independent practice, I often allow them to work together and always have a two-minute break where kids share out a word they made. I’ll write them on board (as we discuss the combinations we see) and students are allowed to “grab” them and add a word to his or her own paper if desired.

Vert guided the first few months but honestly, by the end of the year, kids are able to get dozens- sometimes even a hundred words!  

The following themes are included in this packet...FOR FREE!

★Welcome Back
★Labor Day
★Making Friends
★John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)

★Fire Safety
★Columbus Day
★Spooky Night
★Rainy Days


  1. So cute! I remember how proud I was when I got my first library card - such a defining moment in a child's life!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Aww that is so sweet! It just goes to show you the impact you have on these lives of these little ones!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. The emails are sooo sweet!

    Come by my blog, I've got an award for you.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Hi Lisa! I just gave you an award! Thanks for inspiring me! Stop by my blog to pick it up! Fun Games 4 Learning

  5. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for posting on my blog. Like I said, I am really really new to this. I lurk on lots of blogs but don't know anything about linking or buttons or anything. Maybe I can take a blogging for dummies class this summer. Any online tutorials you have heard of..hmmmm, maybe I'll check pinterest. My favorite place online.
    Diary of a greateful teacher


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