Saturday, March 5, 2022

Grab Some March Freebies and Ideas

Hello, Teacher Friends!  

Happy March! I really love teaching in March. Maybe it's leaving winter behind? The welcome of spring and warmer weather? The feeling that summer isn't too far off? For whatever reason, I always feel energized with the kids during March.

Maybe it's the fun Leprechaun Traps the kids make at home and the anticipation of bringing them in to catch a pesky Leprechaun? Feel free to grab freebie and use...

(Here's a video of our traps and what happened when we put them out....FUN!!!)

March means it's time to pull out some March-themed math games. This year, I added this freebie for a  St. Patrick's Day theme .  It's super easy to play! Perfect for K-2.

We always do a quick craft or two for spring to refresh the classroom, too.  Usually it's this:

But this year, as part of my Monthly Goal Product series, I made these instead.  Kids tucked a goal for March underneath.  The best part? These are so easy that from start to finish was 15 minutes for most kids...including the goal writing!

I had kids pick one or the other.  Most picked the lion.  Next year, I'll have them make both so I have lots to decorate with and they'll have a matching pair to bring home. They'll do two goals, too.  I have 25 goals to pick from in the product so that won't be a problem.

Of course we kicked off the month with Read Across America. My kiddos enjoyed making a headband to wear. Isn't it cute?

Here are my March Crowns / headbands if you want to take a peek:

But my favorite activity so far in March? One I just started to implement last week and I'm sure I'll do for years to come EVERY DAY in my classroom! Yep! EVERY DAY.

What is it? Stay-tuned! That will be my next post later this week.  It's late and I've gotta get some sleep!

Thanks for reading!

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