Wednesday, December 16, 2020

December Randomness

I've always loved this quote. I am so looking forward to 2021. Who isn't?

I recently discovered these nail strips and they've changed my life!  (I don't sell or know anyone who sells.  If interested, Google someone in your area.  They are Color Street.)  Took me 8 minutes. Both hands.  Lasted over 2 weeks.  For about 10 bucks, I'm really happy I discovered them.

I love our mantle.  Live plants but I'm thinking because we need to find small poinsettias, we should look for ones to reuse each year.  Just easier! 

This next pic is from last year. Sad we won't get to see family this year but, for us, worth waiting.  We've come so far to get COVID now. That vaccination is right around the corner!

Need a family craft or gift for grandparents?  This is free in my store.  SO EASY! Click on pic.

Not sure of you use Instagram but I have lots of book recommendations over there. I give quick peeks inside books to help you out. Some are my favorite books from the past and others are recent finds. Click on the Highlights button when on my Instagram to see them. (Or visit my stories...that's where I pot most.) I have lots of book categories and add to them all the time.

Here is an example of what a book recommendation looks like.

Have a great day!

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