Friday, October 30, 2020

Henry Holton Takes the Ice and Perfect Pigeons

Looking for some books that reinforce your commitment to sharing books highlighting inclusion and acceptance themes with your students?  Here are two good ones.

Henry Holton Takes the Ice, (Copyright 2015) written by Sandra Bradley and illustrated by Sara Palaciosis such a cute book with an important reminder to kids: Be true to yourself. It reminds adults to let kids choose their own paths and to support that path especially when it doesn't mirror your own.

Not always easy to do! 

From the moment he was born, it was hockey all the time!

By the time he was 7, he was the best skater in the family...and the worst hockey player.  

I love Henry's self-confidence and how he asserts himself.  If you have students struggling to speak up for themselves, check out these book suggestions on assertion. 

Henry never second guesses himself.  The pure joy of this picture says it all:

Henry is a great role model for our students and there are for sure kids in your class who NEED to know about Henry because they're a lot like him or may need a little dose of courage.

Henry's perseverance may rub off on your kids. He's the Oliver Button for a new generation, don't you think? 

Oliver Button is a Sissy is in my classroom and Henry Holton Takes the Ice is a perfect pairing. 

I love that this book shares the same themes showing kids that it's okay to be different and you don't need to conform to what others think is right for you...especially based on your sex.  

Today's generation, thank goodness, is way better at busting through gender stereotyping but society still has a long way to go. 

Books like these, I'm convinced, help change attitudes!

Want to watch Henry Holton?  Watch it below (11 minutes) ...or if you're on a mobile device, the video might not be showing up so here's the link: Henry Holton Takes the Ice.

I have a small product that I made to support the book because I knew I'd want to extend the book a bit.

I have over 90 Book Its in my store ($2) that all have the same activities: Retells (written and oral), Pick-A-Prompt where kids pick 1/3 prompts to write/share, and, to reinforce Word Work, Make-a-Word Activities.  (Can model for them with magnetic letters and do as group activity or kids can work independently or in small groups.)  

Perfectly Pigeons(Copyright 2020) written and illustrated by Katherine Battersby, is a fun book to use to reinforce the themes above.  

I just love how the pigeons are drawn and the colors of the book are lovely.

It's about a flock of seagulls who are all the same except for Pesky Pigeon who does things his own way.

Can the flock of pigeons still be perfect if they aren't all perfectly the same?  Check out the short peek into the book below.  (Or mobile users: Link is here.)

Let your kiddos decide!  

Because it's such a quick solid read and has adorable and quirky illustrations, I can see teachers and kids grabbing it year after year. I want it in my collection for both my curriculum needs and the students wants/needs.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Happy reading!

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