Sunday, December 29, 2019

Classroom Library Book Checkout Made Easy!

Your kiddos love to read!  They have a clasroom full of books!  They're happy campers, right?

Probably not!

Not until they can take home some of the books from the library.  The ones that all the other kids seem to hog.

Little kids are impatient.  (So are big kids!)

Have you been thinking of letting your students borrow your class books but dread setting up a system to keep track of the books? Jump in.  Don't be shy!  Grab covers and pages for free here. if you like the video and feel they'd be useful.

My system is so easy, you can easily implement it tomorrow! I much rather the books be at home with my students instead of on my shelves after 3 pm each day. Wouldn’t you?

Part One on How to Get Hundreds of Books for Free

Read/Watch Part Two on How to Organize Your Classroom Library

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