Sunday, May 27, 2018

Students Feel Like You Don't Listen To Them? Problem Solved!

In March of each year, we give a simple survey to our students.  Questions like, "My teacher makes learning fun" appear on the survey and the kids can choose a happy face (always), neutral face (sometimes) or a sad face for never.  Honestly, first graders are a pretty happy bunch so happy faces plaster the pages most of the time.

But not always.

One question that seems to have garnered mixed reviews in the past was, "My teacher listens to me."

My sweet student who appears by my side 1,000 times a day and asks, "Can I tell you something?" probably gave me one of the five/21 sad faces.  While I feel like I listen to her, she obviously felt otherwise!

I'm a talker who was always shushed for talking too much in school.  But I wanted to be heard.  Who doesn't?

But it's hard to listen to an entire class all the time, isn't it?  To make each child feel heard 100% of the time? Hopefully, this form I whipped up will help your students feel their voice is being heard just like it did with my class.  You can also use it for a "Worry Box" or some sort of "Reporting Box."

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