Sunday, May 28, 2017

One Game, Six Ways (Morning Meeting)

I started to play POP about five years ago during Morning Meeting. Games are such a great way to build classroom community.

My kiddos love POP and when asked, "What game should we play?" POP is almost always the answer. I'm not sure if you play the same way, but I play it like this:

1. I pick a number...say 11.
2. We stand in a circle and start counting off one by one.
3. When the person who is 11 goes, he says, "POP"  and pops down to sit.  (Some teachers start sitting down and pop up.)
4. Next person starts at 1 and it begins again. Play continues until only one person remains.  We call the winner the King or Queen of Pop!

Yep.  That simple.  Here are some variations that my class has really enjoyed.

Play in Spanish or another language.  Okay...secret here.  I needed a chart sheet when counting in Spanish beyond ten so I actually made a set of these and hung them up.  A lifesaver for me!  :)

Count Back:  Start at any number and count down to 1 with a POP on the way.

Pick a DIGIT: Example: Any number with a 3 in it, you must POP.  They LOVE this one because the 30s wipe out 10 kids in quick succession!  The first time I did this, the look of shock was picture worthy!! Now they are prepared for the massive sit downs!

POP 1-2-or 3:  This has become our new favorite and involves a bit of skill.  Again, select a number. This time, kids can say 1, 2, or 3 numbers in a row.  For example: Number is 14.  First person can say 1 OR 1,2 OR 1, 2, 3  Next person can say 4, 4,5, OR 4, 5, 6.  Always interesting when you get close to the chosen number and see the kids trying to figure out if student next to them will be saved or out. EX: student next to me said 12...and then looked up and smiled a sly smile at me.  Then said 13.  So I was 14.  POP!  Little rascal got me out on purpose!  Always lots of laughs!

Skip Counting: This one takes longer because I usually pick a very high number like 120 that we not only COUNT to and Pop before starting all over again, but I make them say the number and the digits.  Why?  Because kids have a tough time with 105 when writing it (That tricky 0...where does it go?) or 102, 104, etc. if playing by skip count by 2.  (I usually say, "Let's start at 100 and skip count by 2s to 120)  This game has really helped kids solidify skip counting skills.

UPDATED TO GIVE YOU THIS CERTIFICATE  (Helps generate discussion at home.)

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Hope these posts have given you a few new ideas to try at Morning Meeting!  Have a great day!

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