Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Random Stuff! Freebies! 50% off!

Hope you are staying warm and dry on this snowy, sleety day.  We were supposed to get 18-24 inches.  Instead, we have about 6 inches of snow and a lot of ice. Too much ice!  But...it's much easier to handle when you know that spring is truly just a few days away!

I was surprised to see our Shamrock Freebie in the newsletter since we didn't submit it.  I did last year but never even thought about it this year.   John is the artist but I did these simple ones.  Hopefully, you can use/grab them!  Enjoy!!  SIDE NOTE:  We just purchased ILLUSTRATOR and are hoping to create clip art on it soon.  Output should be much greater...I think!  John draws everything by hand and it takes forever.  Would be nice to even just COLOR on the computer since that would save oodles of time alone.  Crossing fingers we can learn it!!

My kids' drawings make me SO HAPPY! It was a directed draw and I love the way each one turned out.  Thinking of using watercolors next year.  My Principal and Assistant Principal are pictured with The Cat in the Hat.  I love the simple paper hats that made for their hair and MUST remember to do it next year.  Although, I did see some kids wearing cute blue tutus upside down on their heads, too.

Random, I know...but this year, we eat snack at 9am.  I am shocked to see all of the junk food: cake slices, cookies, chips, etc.  I've written general notes to encourage healthier choices.  No luck.  It wasn't until I started posting pics of kids making healthy choices on my class Twitter page that I started to see fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies.  Of course I don't pic poor snack choices!  Just the healthy ones from time to time.  Glad I thought of it! 

These make me happy, too!  NAMEBOWS! I've seen this on Pinterest and honestly don't know who to credit.  Kids use adjectives to describe themselves.  I usually have a few more rays but reducing to only 5 this year made the whole project so much easier.  Grab the small sign below if you need it.

Sharpening pencils is a PAIN IN THE NECK, isn't it??  But I smile when I do it...just means my kids are writing up a storm!  I don't think I ever had to sharpen so many pencils each day!  Honest!

Last up:  I used this day to finish my latest product: Contraction posters and games.  March is the month I start to really focus on reading/understanding contractions.  Even my lowest readers are encountering them in their daily reading.  Check out the packet if interested.  Offering for 50% off for next two days.  I use them for Do-Nows, Fast Finishers, Summer Send Home, Reading Workshop, Free Choice, etc.  


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