Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Handy Writing Workshop Helper! (Freebie!)

This year I've used these checklists in my writing folders.  The kids have it out during writing and touch each word to make sure they answered the questions in their stories.  The visual reminder helps a lot. (Suggested by Lucy Calkins!)

 After the kids finish a story, they take the checklist, which is kept in clear page protector, and read story to a partner.  As they are reading, their partner touches each word.  If one of the key points wasn't answered in the story, the writer goes back and adds that particular detail.  The partnership takes practice but I have been modeling it every day and it's working. Working well I should add.  Their conversations have become much more targeted and their stories are proof.  Click the pic to grab your free copy.  I have a few different versions to pick from.  I hope it's as helpful to you as it's been to my class!  

Have a great Sunday!

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