Monday, September 21, 2015

Freebie Apple Emergent Reader

Happy Monday, friends! I'm using this emergent reader today with a few of my little ones. Hope you can use this FREEBIE, too!

Apples is perfect to practice reading predictable texts and is a great choice for repeated readings at home and school which will help build fluency in your youngest readers while reinforcing color words.

There are actually TWO books in this freebie! In the second book, have students draw the correct number of apples.

Printer friendly! Two pages on each page. Twenty students = 10 copies!

If you download and use this freebie, please leave feedback.

The last four pages in all of my readers can either be included in the book or used after the book is completed/read. 

The “Write 3 Ways” refers to:

1. Rainbow writing the word (I ask them to say the word, trace over with one color crayon, and repeat the word. Then repeat the whole process two more times, using an alternate color each time.)
2. Use your finger to write the word in the palm of your hand or a friends’ hand
3. Use a dauber to stamp out the word on paper. Can use the large word I’ve included.

I uploaded three others over the weekend if you want to check them out. 

Here is the text for the book above:

Cover: What is it?
Page 1: What is it? It is a butterfly.
Page 2: What is it? It is a heart.
Page 3: What is it? It is a balloon.
Page 4: What is it? It is a flower.
Page 5: What is it? It is a tree.
Page 6: What is it? It is a car.
Page 7: What is it? It is a kite.
Page 8: What is it? It is a cat.
Page 9: What is it? It is a banana.
Page 10: What is it? It is a rainbow.
Page 11: What is it? It is...
Page 12. ME! (Painted himself on canvas)

Have a great day!

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