Thursday, May 7, 2015

Problem Solved: Storage UNDER Desks

I LOVE my Math Tool Kits.  I've been keeping them in desks but it hasn't been ideal.  Manipulatives fall out, it takes up a lot more space than I planned, and they're not quite as easily accessible as I had hoped.  I sort of put up with the less than perfect desk storage thinking nothing else was a possibility.


One of my sweeties discovered that there is a "rod" under each desk.  The hook fits perfectly!!!  Once on the rod, the bags can be pushed to the side and they DO NOT get in the way of their legs.


Now that this extra storage was discovered and put to good use, I'm thinking about the possibilities of hanging a second bag under there that can be pushed to the other side.  Hmmm...a reading took kit?? My wheels are turning.

If you have a small room like me, check under your may find a little bit more real estate!

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