Sunday, August 4, 2013

Freebie Class Book

I love making simple class books with my class where each student contributes a page.  It's a great way to build classroom community.

I try to keep them pretty simple in hopes that my struggling readers have success with them.  Out of all of my book bins, this is by far the most popular. 

I try to make enough books- usually one per week, so my kiddos can take home a few at the end of the year. I put them all into a bag and kids pick them out so "You get what you get..."

Here's a freebie book for you.  Just click on cover to get it in my TpT store. I've shown all the pages here. It's always a hoot to hear why my Firsties think they are "The Boss of Applesauce."

 I let kiddos select the above or the one below.

 I included male and female never know!

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