Monday, July 1, 2013

Creating Again...

Now that school's over, it's time to start creating clip art again AND time to think ahead about September/School! Eek...too soon?  Never!

I started off with a no-brainer for the classroom.  I couldn't resist buying my Crazy Straws for my birthday balloons at the Dollar Tree last week. I'm making the same ones.  Last year, I had a hard time deciding which balloons to make but finally decided on cute clip art from Heidi Oldenburg.

I also bought more "Smart Beads" since my supply got low.  I decided early on last year to allow kids to wear their Smart Beads home to show their parents if they promised to bring them back.  Most of the time, they returned the sparkly gems.  The cost to replace them is so cheap, that I didn't mind a few "lost" ones.

And it feels so good to finish some new clip art.  I just came up with a cute idea for tomorrow's clip art.  Can't wait!  Going to design it now.  Until then, here's a peek at what John and I did today.



  1. Adorable clipart, Lisa! I especially like the trio of pumpkins - a throwback to childhood, I guess, but I'm kinda' partial to pumpkins!

    Primary Inspiration

  2. Thanks so much!! We've been making lots of sets this week. So nice to finally have off! It's only been a week for my husband and 8 days for me. Crazy!!


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