Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toss It! Make a Quick Place Value Game

I have no idea where this game- TOSS IT- came from except that I saw another teacher playing it with her class last week.  Investigations materials?  Everyday Math? Made up herself?  Who knows but I will ask tomorrow!

It's so simple and yet really gives the kids another approach to counting those tens and ones.  (I didn't introduce until after we used connecting blocks/base ten blocks, etc.)

Ready to make it?

Have Popsicle sticks? Okay- you are probably like most teachers and have millions.  You need ten for each student and I made 21 bundles. OR just make enough for half of your class/partner work.

Use a marker to draw 10 black dots on the front of each one and one dot on the back.  If you do 5 and 5 on the front, I think it helps kids "see" the ten a bit better.

Unbundle the sticks and "toss" in the air.  When they land, sort into tens and ones and then count and record. Expanding/ decomposing numbers can be tricky but this game really helps reinforce the concepts.

And this little one below was the first to get all tens in a toss!  It was her 7th toss...the paper is two-sided. She was proclaimed the Boss of Applesauce!

We've played it a few times this week and I sent home the sticks and a recording sheet for homework tonight.  You would have thought I was sending home candy!

Grab a recording sheet by clicking on pic:

Two tips:

If you have a parent volunteer, have them make the bundles.  While easy, they do take time! 


Easy to differentiate for those kids who are ready for higher numbers and those who might need more practice with smaller numbers under 50.  Just add or take away sticks to meet their needs.

Happy tossing!


  1. Would love a copy of the recording sheet. hint hint!


  2. I would be happy to give you a copy but it was just one she gave me. I didn't make it and only have a hard copy. So sorry! If I have time to make one this weekend, I'll do it. Check back! I do like cuter than the one pictred which is bland but got the job done.

  3. That does look like a fun game. Kids love tossing! (I'd love a recording sheet too.) :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Got it! Okay- for anyone reading this, I will make a recording sheet now and post it to goodle docs a bit later today.

    Thanks for the nudge, Tammy and Marybeth!

  5. Thank-you for sharing! My kids will like this. :) I'm a new follower.

    Not very fancy


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