Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Record Keeping Thoughts and BOGO in Clip Art Store

Who doesn't give a lot of assessments these days?  I've been trying to streamline my record keeping and half way through the year last year, I came up with a form that has made my life SO MUCH easier! 
I admit, waiting until you have half a year of assessment scores under your belt is NOT the best time to change your system but I was glad I did.

I am always looking at the kids' results and even need to pull their kindergarten scores from time to time.  So, I've created this form that has a place to record K scores and then add in scores as the current assessments are finished.  The tests/assessments go into the portfolios but I keep my slim binder within hand's reach and always have their scores at my fingertips.

Last year, it was just math and Language Arts and scale scores.  This year, I'm adding another page for each child for science and social studies scores.  Not nearly as many of them.

I spent last night tweaking this: added a place for conference date and time and a spot for DRA testing which, although is exactly like our Running Records, will be one twice this year under our new evaluation system.  By June, my pages look pretty scrappy but I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I looked at them!

Do you have one spot where you keep everything?  If not, make a log that includes EVERY required assessment BEFORE the year starts!  You'll be oh-so-glad you did!

On another note...We're having a sale in our clip art store!  Yea for saving money!

Here's what's new:


Back to creating!  Have a great day!

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